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  • Completely integrated RFID solutions
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About Librix

“Maintain your relevance in society by using Nedap's innovative RFID technology for libraries.”

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Maintain your relevance

Maintain your relevance

Manually checking-out, checking-in and reshelving books is time-consuming and costly. Library staff lose valuable time which could be better spent helping their customers. Many libraries face  both time-management issues and financial pressure and that at a time where 20% of the world's population is illiterate. The Librix portfolio helps libraries to maintain their relevance in the current age of information.

  • Self Service Station
    Self Service Station
  • Smallest Branch
    Smallest Branch
  • Staff Station
    Staff Station
  • Security Antennas
    Security Antennas
  • Intelligent Return Shelving
    Intelligent Return Shelving
  • Automated Material Handling - outdoor
    Automated Material Handling - outdoor
  • Automated Material Handling - indoor
    Automated Material Handling - indoor
  • Librix Cash
    Librix Cash
  • Librix Online
    Librix Online
  • BiblioCheck NEXT
    BiblioCheck NEXT
  • LibAssist Handheld Reader
    LibAssist Handheld Reader
  • Tunnel Reader
    Tunnel Reader
  • Booster Labels
    Booster Labels

About us

Nedap Library Solutions (Librix) is a division within Nedap that focusses entirely on delivering innovative library solutions worldwide.

See how we work


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  4. Beyond the book

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